About Us

Inci-dent Oral and Dental Health Clinic is a private 2008 in all areas of dentistry from the date of Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, Antalya All of these cities, such as provinces and districts of the environment with a friendly team serves.

Who Are We?

Areas of specialist staff and friendly staff 7 days / 24 hours of high quality services in all areas of dentistry Dental Hospital adopted Special Incident, 8 clinics, two operating rooms, two intensive care units, two dental laboratory, central sterilization and digital x-ray units, ISO 9001 for three years : 2008 certificate. You can also use this technology, only an hour away from Antalya, Isparta and enroll your teeth in as well as skiing, rafting, spa or swim spa cure Would you like to make? To do this, your phone close to the Incident Dental Hospital.

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Assoc. Dr. Ali Alp SAĞLAM

In our clinic, the implant applications Assoc. Dr. Ali Alp ROBUST, a PhD degree in 1995, Atatürk University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, completing Suleyman Demirel University in 1997, served as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in 2005 and received the title of Professor. Continuing education Associate membership until 2008. Dr. Ali Alp ROBUST, Special Incident Oral and Dental Health Center since 2008 has been working. 1 "Dental Anesthesia"'s book and 34 international and national scientific journals have published research. Applied both at the university since 2000 and thousands of Incident Dental Hospital implant treatments are available.

Our Mission

And successfully implementing the principle of high standards of treatment, patients' expectations on oral and dental health center offering treatment services to be the most modern approaches to practice dentistry and preventive medicine services to perform perfectly, especially the young and children, with emphasis on oral and dental health, advancing minimum levels of comfort in their lives to download dental problems, raising the standards of medical ethics, values ​​and aesthetics without compromising treatment by applying the latest technologies used in dentistry, self-esteem in place, with a beautiful and healthy smile is to increase the number of people.

Our Vision

Oral and dental health services to use the latest and most modern technologies, diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible and provide patient satisfaction by providing the most perfect realization of the fear that the maximum is considered one of the most important aspects of oral and dental health services warmth, closeness, intimacy and trust in the care friendly and provide a contemporary service is maintained, only the patient's pain dindirip, rather than putting in place of missing teeth, function and aesthetics cosmetic dentistry applications quickly perform the most beautiful and, in order to learn new techniques and information, domestic and overseas doctors convention and ensure its participation in courses, digital devices equipped with the latest technological center, and the results of scientific research to provide the scientific arena and the media understood ydınlatmak aracılığıyle our people, the highest level of disinfection and sterilization rules apply.

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Assoc. Dr. Aynur Medine ŞAHİN SAĞLAM

Atatürk University, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in 1991. Orthodontics Orthodontics is a PhD candidate in the Department of Atatürk University the same year began. Shortly after graduating in 1996, Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Dentistry, Orthodontics, Department of Orthodontics, began his career as Assistant Professor. Eight years as the president of the department of orthodontics fulfilled. The Royal London Hospital in 2000, with their own resources in the UK Prof. Moss on a 3-Dimention improved the understanding of clinical knowledge and experience. Maxillofacial Surgeon in 2008 with his wife and colleague, as well as Assoc. Dr. Ali Alp SAĞLAM'la Special INCI-DENT founded the Center for Oral and Dental Health. In 2009, Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics, Dental Branch leave private INCI-DENT Center Associate exam in the same year began the study continued to work to win. Special Incident Oral and Dental Health Center is currently working as an orthodontist.